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Chinese Culture Etiquette

    Greeting Etiquette

    • Greetings include shaking hands and nodding the head. While shaking hands, it is polite to slightly bow your head forward. It is a part of Chinese culture to be formally introduced to someone new.

    Business Card Etiquette

    • Business card etiquette is a big part of Chinese culture. Business cards should be handed and received with both hands. English is printed on one side and Chinese is printed on the other side.

    Eye Contact

    • In Chinese culture, eye contact is maintained between business partners and during meetings but never staring. If eye contact is not maintained it is considered a sign of impoliteness.

    Dining Etiquette

    • Chopsticks are used in place of forks, knives and spoons and they are not to be played with at the table. Chopsticks are not to be licked, bit, or covered with food or juice.

    Gift Giving

    • Small gifts such as tea, candies and fruit are welcomed in Chinese culture, but any gift should not be wrapped in white wrapping paper. White paper symbolizes death in Chinese culture.


    • Before meetings, it is common that Chinese people arrive early and bring a lot of business cards. During meetings, it is common that there will be head nodding but nods do not mean yes.

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