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Obedience Training Collars For Dogs - Do They Work?

Do they really Work? The short answer to this is yes they do work but alongside a conventional obedience training program. Some people do not like the use of dog obedience training collars as they feel that some can be cruel. I am not advocating the use of the training collar but am stating that as a reinforcement tool they have been proven to work and be effective. As a dog trainer it is not a tool that I use as I prefer to work from a different obedience training perspective using postive reinforcement training techniques.

Below we will discuss how they work and the training collars currently available.

Two of the most popular training collars are those used for distance dog training and controlling excessive dog barking. In this article we will discuss remote collars that use electrical stimulation and how they work.

Training collars that use an electrical stimulation can be controlled by the owner/trainer from a set distance - some of the top makes can work at a distance of 400 yards - and some models can work at up to a mile.

What is a remote training collar?
  • Remote training collars allow the owner/trainer to reinforce certain commands and correct disobedient and unwanted behavior.

How does a remote training collar work?
  • The theory behind a remote training collar is that they deliver a harmless electric buzz to the dog at the point of dis-obedience or bad behavior along with a verbal command (if possible.) The dog quickly associates bad obedience behavior with the buzz and learns that to avoid the buzz they must behave.
  • The remote training collar is controlled by the trainer/owner with a handheld device, a collar on the dog and two small metal probes.
  • The remote handheld transmitter sends a radio signal to the two probes situated by the collar and delivers a short electric buzz.
  • The two probes must be in contact with the dog's skin.

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