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The N8 Is A Full Figured Smartphone With A Fancy 3.5 Inch Nhd Screen

Whether you have noticed or not, the likes of Motorola, Apple and Samsung have left Nokia behind in the smartphone race, well luckily Nokia have noticed and have gone out and made the N8. With a 3.5 inch AMOLED display, capacitive touch technology and a full range of online and multimedia features, including a top of the range digital camera, the new Nokia N8 carries with it the responsibility of getting Nokias name back into peoples mouths.
The N8 is a full figured smartphone with a fancy 3.5 inch nHD screen which will comfortably display up to 16 million colours. It is loaded with capacitive technology, allowing for multi-touch, and an accelerometer sensor, so you can flip the UI into landscape mode for optimized messaging and browsing. Coming in a huge range of colours including Blue, Green and Orange the N8 will be very accessible and when compared to other top end smartphones the N8 is competitively priced.
Nokia are debuting the new Symbian ^3 OS on the N8, experienced Nokia users will recognize the menu layouts and home screen format, the user interface works quite smoothly while there are plenty of options when it comes to customization. You can alter the home screen to feature live news feeds and streams of information from your Facebook buddies and Twitter followers. You can also generate a list of your favourite friends as shortcuts, each one is represented by there social network profile picture. For those who have a bad sense of direction, Nokia have pre-installed GPS with Ovi Maps, great for route planning and turn-by-turn navigation.
Having your friends from the likes of Facebook integrated into your contacts is quite handy, but impossible if the phone isnt well connected. Thanks to the devices 3G and Wi Fi connectivity, performing online activities and checking out your friends latest activities is easy and fast. The N8 also supports a full web browser which is Flash Lite compatible and it works fluidly with the phones multi-touch functionality. Users are presented with options aside from SMS and social networking, MMS, e-mail and IM (instant messaging) are also supported. All of the household names like GoogleTalk, Gmail, Hotmail and MSN are compatible.
A high quality digital camera has found itself inside a Nokia phone at last; the 12MP effort comes complete with some highly sought after Carl Zeiss optics. The camera is fully loaded from the get-go with flash, auto focus and zoom. Users can enjoy HD quality 720p video on top of the high clarity day-to-day still images the camera is capable of. The N8 is supported by a very capable video player which will handle just about any file type, there is also an HDMI out connection which allows users to play there mini movies on the big screen. Sharing video and image content over the web is also possible due to the phones SNS and YouTube compatibility.
As standard the N8 has been pre-configured with 16GB of internal memory, but if that is not enough a further 32GB can be added via the microSD slot. The music player will comfortably playback multiple file types, while support for FM radio is a basic human right these days.
Nokia have proved that they were beaten but now they have come back stronger than ever with the N8. A huge amount of effort has gone into giving users the best possible experience, there are options in almost every field and with the addition of more and more software, thanks to the Ovi Store availability the possibilities for customization are almost endless.

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