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Travel in Africa

    Getting There

    • Most flights to Africa arrive in Africa's major hubs like Cairo or Casablanca in the North, Accra or Lagos in the West, Nairobi in the East, or Johannesburg or Cape Town in the South.

    Getting Around

    • Buses and sometimes trains link various regions in Africa for affordable prices. Many travelers opt to rent a car, while many tour operators arrange transport within Africa.

    Weather & When to Go

    • Africa's vast geography makes for a patchwork of weather systems and different peak seasons. In general, dry seasons (which vary from place to place) are prime visiting times for road conditions and wildlife viewing.


    • Expenses vary widely depending on how many flights, trains, safaris and adventure sports you wish to add to your tab. However, budget travelers can survive on $20 USD a day.


    • ATMs are in most major African cities and capitals, although you should do your specific research as not all capital cities have them.


    • Always check the security situation in your destination countries. Many African countries are prone to political instability and high theft levels. Secure all travel documents and avoid traveling solo.

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