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How to Create a Bearded Dragon Cage

    • 1). Purchase an aquarium or reptile cage. Make sure it is large enough to accommodate the dragon's size and allow for future growth. If your dragon is young, a 30-gallon tank will do, but when it gets older, you'll want to upgrade to a 55-gallon tank to provide him with the room he needs to exercise.

    • 2). Decorate the new cage to suit the dragon's natural habitat. Use rocks, water tubs and fake foliage to create a suitable habitat for the dragon. Fake foliage is readily available at most pet shops. Make it look as tropical as possible. Place the cage in a quiet area. If the tank is shallow, be sure to cover it with a mesh lid to prevent the dragon from escaping.

    • 3). Provide a source of heat for the dragon. This can be a fluorescent lamp or another type of lamp. It is also necessary to have a UVA/UVB lamp. Not only does the lamp provide warmth for the dragon, but it also keeps it calm. These reptiles are unable to be comfortable in colder climates, so this is a critical step in this process. The size of the bulb is entirely based on the size and depth of the cage you use. The bulb should be as close to the dragon as it can be without burning him. Bearded dragons need a lot of heat in order to properly digest their food.

    • 4). Make a space for your dragon's food and water. This space can be anywhere in the cage, but preferably in a corner. Put a small bowl in the tank as a food bowl, and place a shallow dish beside it as a water bowl. This makes it easier to care for your dragon, as well as anyone else that may need to care for it in your absence.

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