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The Best Weekend Jobs


    • Qualified bartenders are hired by restaurants and bars. They work in a fast-paced environment taking drink orders from waiters and customers and use a variety of tools to prepare drinks. They are responsible for keeping the bar area well-stocked and clean.

      Bartending schools teach students how to prepare drinks. However, attending school is not necessary to qualify for a job. Most bartenders learn their skills by working as waiters or assisting experienced bartenders.

      Bartenders are paid by the hour, but make most of their money from tips. Pay ranges from $20 to $50 an hour depending on how busy the restaurant or bar is.

    Event Photographer

    • Event photographers use their skills to photograph events such as weddings and birthday parties. They capture the most memorable moments and take pictures of the guests. These photographers are self-employed and find work by advertising their services. Most use digital camera equipment and software to process photos. They may also offer additional services to clients by putting together an album or a photo CD for them.

      Event photographers determine their fees and can sometimes charge more than $500 per event. Wedding photographers can make a lot of money by charging more than $1,000 for wedding packages that include the cost of a wedding album and a photo CD.

    Mystery Shopper

    • Mystery shoppers are hired by market research companies that provide mystery shoppers for businesses. They are hired as independent contractors to pose as customers at restaurants and stores in order to evaluate the service and location. They follow written instructions and visit businesses to return items, ask questions or buy products and services. After their visit, they complete a report to answer questions about their experience

      Mystery shoppers can make $10 or more depending on the assignment. Some are also reimbursed for their purchases or the cost of their meal. They may also receive free meals, products or services.


    • Being a bartender comes with a lot responsibility. Bartenders must be careful not to serve minors or customers who are drunk. Most states also require bartenders to have a bartending license and to be at least 21 years old to serve liquor.

      Event photographers use a lot of expensive equipment to take quality pictures. They need to invest in or rent a high quality camera, lenses and other accessories.

      Market research companies do not reimburse mystery shoppers for mileage, so many of them are limited to taking assignments that are in their area.


    • Mystery shoppers should be aware that there are several mystery shopping scams including companies that charge a fee for access to jobs or require shoppers to cash fake checks. Mystery shoppers need to research each company and should avoid paying any fees.

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