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Fall Protection Equipment Saves Lives

This past spring, a contractor faced a potential $70,000 fine from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for committing a violation of fall protection safety. The violation is considered one committed with plain indifference to or intentional disregard for employee safety and health. Allegedly, workers were exposed to a 50 foot fall while working without fall protection on a buildings roof. Employees are required by the United State Department of Labor Law 1926.501(b)(2)(i) to use fall protection when working from heights of 6 feet or greater.

Too many accidents occur every year in the workplace and too many times it is because of the lack of safety equipment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 253,440 reported cases if work-related non-fatal falls, compared to 814 fatal falls reported by private industries in 2007. Accidents are not inevitable, and falls are no different. With the right combination of education, equipment and training, you can eliminate falls from your workplace.
Working in a high-risk industry is dangerous enough, so whether youre on a roof, platform, ladder, moving vehicle, or high rise, you need protection from falling. Falls from scaffolds, roofs and ladders constitute half of all disabling falls and they are often due to loss of balance because of tripping, slipping, and shifting or unstable ladders. Unfortunately, you cannot trust your body to have excellent balance at all times. With the right fall protection equipment, you can prevent disabling injuries and fatalities in high-risk workplaces.

Fall protection is more than wearing a hard hat and a safety harness. It starts with prevention and equipment. First you must identify all the potential fall hazards in your work environment: unprotected floor openings and edges, shafts, skylights, stairwells, and roof openings. Inspect fall protection equipment for defects. Use general equipment and installations like covers, handrails, guardrails and parapet walls to help prevent falls from happening. Select and wear personal fall protection equipment appropriate for the job at hand. Educate employees on current hazardous areas, signs of potential hazards, and have them continuously monitor for ongoing fall protection. This is as easy as a weekly safety meeting, discussing procedures in using fall protection equipment and responding to emergencies.

If your company is in need of new fall protection equipment, now is a great time to upgrade for the summer months. Established in 1992, Empire Safety and Supply has been providing clients with quality fall protection equipment for high-risk work environment needs. Their product lines range from harnesses and connecting devices, to fall protection systems and rescue/escape. Empire Safety and Supply represent over 800 manufacturers to offer clients the fall protection solutions and information they require. Empire Safety and Supply has a Warehouse and Inventory Support Team with the capability to ship thousands of products across the country and globe.

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