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Higher Than Average Tax Refund Means Affordable Disney Vacation

According to figures from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the average tax refund for 2009 is $2,975, up 8.
5% from 2008's figure of $2,741.
Many Americans, weary from the daily grind and unpredictable spring weather, are planning to spend all, or at least part of that federal income tax refund on a vacation.
I'm like many Americans; I received a decent refund this year because I bought a home in 2009, and was eligible for a portion of the $8,000 new homebuyer tax refund.
And like many Americans, I put off taking a vacation for a few years because I was concerned about the economy and my job.
I knew I wanted to go to Florida as a friend of mine from college moved down there a few years ago and we've kept in touch only through Facebook.
A little Internet research revealed that Orlando was named one of the top 5 vacation destinations according to an online travel booking agency.
I figured the opportunity to get away on a sensibly-priced vacation to Florida and see my friend who lives in Lake Mary - and visit Disney attractions I hadn't seen since I was a kid - would allow me to unwind and achieve peace of mind by using "found" money from my tax refund.
I spent a couple of hours typing in "cheap Disney tickets" and other variations of that phrase into various search engines, because even though I had the money to travel, I still had to stick to a budget.
There are a lot of companies that advertise they have the lowest theme park ticket prices.
But a little homework showed me that while many Disney ticket prices appear competitive, there are some companies that list their prices all inclusive, meaning that there are no other fees or surcharges when you click on the purchase link.
I ended up purchasing my Disney tickets from a discount attraction ticket agency- A recommended online tickets source, based in Orlando, Florida.
I ordered the 3 day base ticket to Walt Disney World and automatically was upgraded to receiving the fourth and fifth days for free - without asking or entering a code at check-out.
As always, when you're researching ticket prices, airline fees or really anything available in the competitive marketplace, keep in mind your budget and objective.
The free fourth and fifth days were a welcome bonus, since I'm staying with my friend Monday through Sunday, which leaves plenty of time to visit with her and with my favorite childhood attractions.
I'm looking forward to the getaway before school ends for the season and the grind begins yet again.
Good luck with your own vacation search and remember that it is possible to get a good deal!

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