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Tips To Ensure You Can Enjoy The Beauty And Attractions Of NYC At Night

New York, known for its hectic pace of life, business activities and numerous tourist attractions dons a new avatar as night descends. It is said that NYC never sleeps and travelers visiting the place will find the saying to be true. The pubs and bars stay open till late night while fun loving lot opts for the discos. Food lovers can head to its numerous restaurants for enjoying fabulous dinner while cultural programs are also held in certain places in specific times of year.
If you want to experience Nocturnal beauty of New York at night, the below listed tips will come in handy.
As it is natural, fewer tourist attractions will remain open and accessible at night than day in NYC and adjoining areas. However, you will find some such places remaining open at night. For example, the Tibetan art in Rubin Museum can be seen till 10 pm on Fridays. First Saturday of every month, you get free entry to the famous Brooklyn museum till 11 pm.
To get a magnificent nocturnal view of the city, go to observation deck of the Empire State Building. It remains open till 2 am. Rockefeller Center's Rock observation deck is ideal when you want to get a view of Manhattan skyline at night. Some iconic places in NYC exude a mesmerizing aura with dense neon lights and billboards, like the Times Square. It is an ideal site to take some snaps with friends or alone. For excellent and panoramic skyline views of New York, opt for the Staten Island Ferry, available at night.
When you are exploring New York City at night it becomes necessary to satiate your taste buds. You can find some restaurants in Brooklyn's Williamsburg area or lower east side of Manhattan that remain open till late night. Some of the late night eating joints offer special dishes only at wee hours of the night.
Those who crave for a few drinks after dinner will enjoy nocturnal tour of NYC since the city's law allows bars to remain open till 4 a.m. There are plenty of hip lounges and cocktail bars to pick from. If you check the club schedules well in advance, you will be able to catch some live music and dance shows at such venues. The Brooklyn Bowl attracts lots of visitors and there are provisions for dance parties and concerts too.
If you are not much fond of music band performances or hitting the pubs, there are other options for nocturnal recreation. Movie lovers often opt for the night shows at Landmark Theaters. Its midnight shows are usually reserved for Hollywood classics of yesteryears. If you have penchant for comedy, the Gotham Comedy Club should be the destination. Some stand up comedy shows are also held.
Party loving tourists will not be disappointed while visiting New York. The night dance parties are held in numerous places in NYC. In downtown NYC, you can opt for the Santos Party House and nocturnal revelers often head to the Williamsburg venue.

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