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What to Look For in Specialist Outdoor Clothing

If you are an outdoor enthusiast you will understand the importance of wearing well designed clothing when engaging in your favourite hobbies.
Specialist outdoor clothes not only keep you warm and dry in the most extreme conditions; they also help to protect you and your skin.
This is not simply via padding and waterproof lining but also owing to a broad range of specific features.
If you are looking for apparel that will protect you, you might want to consider the following items: 1.
Specialist Outdoor Jackets Look for jackets that are not only made from waterproof materials but also that have lightweight fleece linings.
This will make sure that you stay warm without getting too weighed down- an important consideration after a 15 km trek! You might also want to think of getting a jacket with reinforced patches covering stress points such as elbows and shoulders.
Specialist Outdoor Trousers You should go for trousers that will keep you both dry and comfortable- especially important if you are into hill walking and trekking.
Look for ones that will give you good freedom of movement and that are made of waterproof materials to resist the cold and wet.
You might also want to think about trousers with zipped pockets so you can carry things while keeping your hands free.
Mountain Shirts Mountain shirts are a must have for any serious outdoor enthusiast.
Go for those with pile lining and hand warmer pockets to help fight the cold.
You could also look for shirts with ventilation controls to help maintain your thermal equilibrium.
Neck zips and storm baffles are also good for keeping the wind out- there's nothing worse than trekking with a gale blowing down the back of your shirt! We've also found zipped map pockets to be really handy!

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