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Teeth Whitening Cost - What Will Each Option Cost You?

Depending on where and how you get your teeth whitening done will affect what your teeth whitening cost is.
This is true of all the options and with each option there is a cost and there is a time period for how long it will take to get the results you need.
Here are the options you have along with the cost and timeframe.
First, you can go with the dentist or professional option and spend over $1,000 per session to get the whiter teeth you want.
This is the type of option that will give you pretty much instant results and you will have to do a session abut once every three months.
This means your total cost will be over $4,000 a year to get and keep whiter teeth.
Second, if you want cheaper teeth whitening cost you can use the home recipe option of baking soda, white vinegar, and sea salt.
This option will cost you about $10 per one month of treatment and will take about 6 months for you to see any type of results.
That means you will only spend about $120 a year to get whiter teeth, but you will be waiting longer to see results.
Last, you can also use an option that has a very low teeth whitening cost and works within 6 days.
This will start out as a free trail offer for the first two months and only cost you $7 for those two months.
Then, you will only be looking at about $30 a month to maintain your whiter teeth, which means you are only going to spend $360 a year to keep your teeth white or less in most cases.

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