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Bad Breath and Digestion? - Cure It With Parsley - Part 2

With the effect of stimulating the appetite, and improving the digestive process due to enzyme rich properties that aid in the correct breakdown of food during digestion, parsley would be much more benefited from by being eaten, rather than being left on the side of the plate which is usually the case.
However, parsley (flat leaf, curled leaf, or curly parsley) is not just a pretty decorative herb, it is actually packed with vitamins, minerals, and other highly beneficial nutrients that are vital for a healthy absorption and digestion process for the many different types of food that are consumed on a daily basis.
Studies have shown that the compounds that make-up parsley actually cleanse and detoxify not just the kidneys, but the liver and bladder too.
It has also been shown that parsley due to all of its wonderful healthy properties, may actually act as a natural diuretic (an aid to flush the body of toxins and break down fat).
Diuretics work by helping to relieve the body of water retention (the excretion of water from the body [by up to 20%]) and bloating by promoting the production of urine.
Something that is also considered beneficial for certain types of bodies (over-weight) that tend to retain water due to dietary factors and would perhaps be a little healthier by losing a few pounds.
Apart from eating the natural herb as a green that is served-up on the side of the plate for decoration, it can also be found in the following forms: 1.
Parsley Tea (natural) - is a popular option that is often used to calm an upset stomach, or calm the symptoms of digestion.
It is usually made in small amounts as and when required (place a heaped teaspoon of complete or crushed leaves in a cup of boiling water, and boil for between 10 - 15 minutes).
Parsley Teabags - can be found in most good health food stores, or even in many of the bigger supermarkets.
It is prepared much in the same way as a normal cup of tea, by placing a teabag in a cup of boiling water for between 6 - 8 minutes and sweetened to taste (do not add milk).
Parsley Capsules - can usually be found in most good health food stores alongside the vitamins and supplements, in 450 mg capsules (take 2 capsules 3-times a day with either food or water).
They may also be found mixed with other herbs such as: beetroot, dandelion, horsetail, yellow dock, birch, blessed thistle, Angelica, German chamomile, gentian, and golden rod.
(It is not advisable to take parsley capsules during pregnancy or while suffering from inflammatory kidney disease).
Parsley is also considered to hold some excellent breath freshening properties that can easily overpower even the most extreme case of garlic, onion, or other high sulfur food that may be left lingering around in the mouth after a good hearty meal.
Eat it, chew it, drink it, or swallow it, parsley certainly deserves to be part of anyone's basic daily intake.

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