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CD Crafts for Kids

    • Kids Craftscraft a card! image by Shirley Hirst from

      There never seems to be a shortage of children who complain about being bored. If you aren't one to sit them in front of video games for hours or toss a movie into the Blu-ray disc player, then you may enjoy some of these craft ideas for kids, using CDs. They can have fun making these crafts and use them as gifts for friends, decorations for their rooms, or practical items that can be used on a daily basis.

    Disco Ball

    • This particular craft idea is best suited for older children, and should be done in the kitchen. Give each child a pair of inexpensive gardening gloves, which you can likely buy at your local dollar discount stores. Boil two large pots of water on the stove. Allow as many children who can fit safely and comfortably around the stove to participate, and have each child use tongs to soften their CDs, which should take just a few minutes. Each child will need to soften at least seven of them.

      While seated at a table and still wearing gloves, have each child carefully cut the CDs into small squares and odd shapes with utility or heavy kitchen scissors. Once the pieces are cut they can remove their gloves and begin hot gluing the pieces onto their individual six-inch Styrofoam balls, using tweezers to prevent burns. After they have finished, have them place a single drop of hot glue at the top of their disco balls and insert a six-inch piece of hanging wire into it. They can later hang their ball in the window or use it as a holiday ornament by coloring the pieces with a marker.

    Candle Holders

    • CDs can also be fashioned into practical candle holders. Have each child roll modeling clay into several small "snakes" that they will layer around the circular edge of the CDs. This will prevent candle wax from spilling over the CD and onto furniture. Once the clay has hardened they can simply set pillar candles in the middle of their holders.

    Space Ships

    • Styrofoam PlanetsAlien Spaceship image by Paul Moore from

      Have the children draw and color two halves of a Styrofoam ball to look like a single spaceship. Encourage them to use wild colors and designs. After they have glued two CDs together, label side facing inward, they can hot glue each half of the spaceship onto each side. These can be hung in a mobile alongside various sized Styrofoam planets. They can even make the planet Saturn using the CDs as rings. If your classroom or basement has acoustical tile ceilings, you can hang them from the ceiling by tying string to a paperclip and inserting the paperclips directly into the tiles.

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