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How to Evaluate a GLBT Outreach Program

  • 1). Locate a program you can get to easily. Check train or bus schedules if necessary.

  • 2). Call the program hot line and ask questions.

  • 3). Find out who the program addresses (lesbians, bisexuals and so on).

  • 4). Ask if the program is anonymous or confidential. Ask if you'll have to give your name or other identifying information, and, if so, why the program needs the information.

  • 5). Inquire about bringing others - friends or family members who may not be GLBT.

  • 6). Find out if others from your school or town have visited. Ask what age group can attend the program.

  • 7). Go to the program twice. Take a friend if you can. Give the program at least two chances - you may see different people each time you go.

  • 8). Decide if the program makes you comfortable.

  • 9). Find another program if the first program isn't for you.

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