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Conductive Keratoplasty

For better vision Conductive Keratoplasty or CK, as it is commonly known, is an eyesight correction method to cure vision related problems such as hyperopia, farsightedness and presbyopia.
The vision impairment diseases need you to wear reading glasses.
CK alters the shape of the cornea thereby reducing stress on eyes while reading or driving.
The eye-correction method is one of the safest methods and is known to produce remarkable results in a week's time.
While many eye surgeries are performed using laser, Conductive Keratoplasty is performed using a small pen shaped instrument.
The instrument emits radiofrequency energy and produces heat that alters cornea's shape.
Once the shape of the cornea is corrected then it will be able to precisely focus the light on eye thereby giving better reason.
Conductive Keratoplasty is an ambulatory procedure and therefore doesn't require the patients to get admitted to a hospital.
The procedure is fairly simple and short.
It takes only a few minutes to perform it.
Only one eye is done at once.
The operation is painless as it involves no cutting but still eye drops are used to subsidize any pain to the patient.
The patient can go home after a minutes of rest and resume normal work.
However, for the sake of safety, it is advisable not do any work which involves higher concentration and which puts stress on eyes like operating a machine or driving.
Who can be operated using CK? People considering Conductive Keratoplasty must meet certain qualifications.
The eye correction method is suitable for people with age of 40 years or more.
One must need reading glasses and should have had a good vision in the past.
In addition, it is also mandatory that the person considering CK has no eye diseases.
The surgeon will verify your other qualifications before performing CK on your eyes.
People who have undergone Conductive Keratoplasty procedure must follow certain guidelines.
It would be a better if they take a leave for at least a couple of days post-operation so that they can relax well.
Secondly, they must also save their eyes from getting any infection.
Wearing glasses till the vision gets better would be good option.
There will be mild irritations for a few days.
However if the irritation spurs then do contact your surgeon.
Any ways, contact him after a week for a check-up.
And, most importantly, get CK done through an experienced hand.

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