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Positioning Yourself

Very many people especially youths, with a lot of energy and time give up on life even before they get started.
After all, they say, "Life begins at forty.
" Over the years however, I have come to believe that life actually begins when you want it to begin.
This simply means that every effort at engaging life to the fullest depends on your outlook at things, when and why you look at them the way you do.
Positioning yourself comes with a choice to, and for what.
You first have to make up your mind to do something and then whether for good or bad follows.
If I were to be your counselor, I will definitely choose that you do something that would benefit you and others.
That is the way to live life! Positioning yourself for Success & Excellence will be discussed here.
What is SUCCESS in the first place? Author Robert Schuller, in his book Success is Never Ending Failure is Never Final, defined it as, to do something GOOD, when you can, where you can, while you can! So then, how can you be in the right position to do what is spelt out above; which conversely has Failure as its exact opposite? For an Individual Everything, I mean absolutely everything depends on you.
What you will become, what you'll achieve, the heights you will attain are solely your responsibility.
Only you can make YOU! No one else can.
The following tips and many more will serve to guide you to become an achiever.
oLean on God (Proverbs 3:6TLB) - Therein lies the secret of all success because without Him you and everything about you are nothing.
oRead good books, attend Seminars, watch and listen to educative programs that will develop your person- Your mind acts on what you feed at.
(Phil 4:8).
oBe a person of character- Why you may ask? "Men of Genius are admired; Men of Wealth are envied; Men of Power are feared but Men of CHARACTER are trusted.
(You Can Reach the Top by Zig Ziglar) oEnlarge your mistake quota- Never be restrained by the failures you encounter along the path of life but learn from them and move on.
They are good teachers if followed rightly.
Someone said, "Persistence is what makes the impossible possible, the possible likely and the likely definite.
" oWork for everything you have and don't get anything you did not work for- Always know that nothing is free because 'the only free cheese is the one in the mouse trap.
' Anything gotten for nothing will be valued as nothing.
oHave a Vision, a dream, a focus and a sense of mission- People who have a direction go farther, faster and get more done in every area of their lives than those who have none.
Set goals or targets for yourself because 'he who fails to plan, plans to fail.
' oKeep an enlightened circle of friends- The type of friends you keep determines how far you will go.
After all, 'birds of the same feather flock together.
' oLove whatever you are doing- What ever is worth doing is worth doing well.
Put into your job much more than the required effort.
Have a passion, a motivation from within and a heart that looks not out for immediate rewards or accolades.
'Be ready to Live for what is worth Dying for and to Die for what is worth Living for.
' oStrive to be effective and not efficient- Efficiency is doing things right while effectiveness is doing the right things.
Someone has said that, "Of what good is running if you are on the wrong road?" just does not make sense to be doing so well the things you are not supposed to do whereas the things you are to do are begging for attention oMake time work for you and not you working for time- This is the most precious of all commodities because it is offered in the same quantity to all.
Never say I don't have enough time 'cause you will never have enough of it till you die.
Create time for every important task! oWork with your convictions- Ignore the "this is how it has always been done" syndrome.
He that commands a great orchestra must back the crowd; go against outward conventions and go for inward convictions.
Sometimes our convictions are not popular or widely accepted but that does not make them bad or not marketable.
As long as they are morally alright please go ahead with them.
oConfront your worse fears- If you remember so of the things that use to cause so much discomfort to you back then when you thought of them as a kid, you realize now that they are not so scary after all.
The reason its that way now is that they have been confronted by you one way or the other as you grew up.
Many times we are tempted to run away from our fears.
That does not take them away but make you to be even more aware of them.
Confronting them therefore is the only sure way to get rid of them.
oFind a mentor- In whatever field we find ourselves there are other who have been through that path.
Find them! This is most easily done by reading materials they have published or through their websites.
They can be very useful as experiences they have gathered over a long period of time will come in handy for you.
Once you have found the one you need, you are then positioned to achieve whatever success you want for yourself.

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