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Flight Instructor Careers

    University Instructor

    • Several universities in the United States have aviation programs, and these colleges frequently hire flight instructors to train aviation students. In addition to providing flight instruction, CFIs may also teach classes or offer tutoring sessions. In order to teach flight at a university, a CFI license, bachelor's degree in aviation or a related field, and industry experience is necessary.

    Flight Training Center Instructor

    • Many CFIs find employment at flight schools located at general aviation airports. These flight schools can be small, family-owned operations or large training centers that produce hundreds of pilots per year. CFIs give flight and ground instruction, and may also teach classes. Requirements vary for instructor positions at flight schools; generally, a CFI certificate with an instrument rating is all that is required. A multi-engine instructor rating is desirable.

    Airline Manufacturer Instructor

    • Many CFIs find employment at aircraft manufacturers, where they teach aircraft owners how to fly their new aircraft. Generally, in addition to CFI and instrument instructor ratings, aircraft manufacturer instructors need flight time in the type of aircraft that the manufacturer makes, as well as a type rating in that aircraft, if applicable.

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