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Miami Auto Rental - Car Rental Locations In Miami

When you are planning your trip to Miami and determine that you will want a rental car while there, you will need to choose where to get your Miami auto rental from and where to return it. There may be several factors that you consider that will affect your ultimate decision. One may be the time of year you are going to Miami. Miami's peak tourism season is from January through April, before the weather becomes too hot and humid and before the hurricane season begins in the fall. The low season for tourism in Miami is June through September and what is known as the "shoulder" season for visiting Miami is the month of May and then October through December.

During busier tourism times, you may wish to pick up your Miami auto rental directly at the airport. This can help you avoid more crowded rides on airport or hotel shuttles as well as avoid the problem of not being able to find the car you want at the price you wish to pay. Airport car rental locations typically have the largest fleets as well so will be the most likely to still have inventory even during the busiest of times.

Another factor to consider on where to rent your car for a visit is the time of day that you both arrive and depart from your destination. If you are landing very late at night and are more apt to be tired, driving in the dark when you are sleepy and on unfamiliar roads may not be the wisest decision. This may be a good time instead to take advantage of the hotel shuttle and to get your Miami auto rental at another location the next day.

If you are looking to save some money on your trip to Miami, selecting a car rental company or location away from the airport or other key attractions can provide you with a lower cost car rental. This can allow you to save money for use in other ways while on your trip or simply lower the cost of your trip overall. With the change in economy the past several years, consumers are more conscious of such costs savings and you should have no trouble finding a Miami auto rental company in a more out of the way location to get these savings with.

Do your homework before you go and identify what you need in a car rental. Use the tools to scope out companies, locations and costs and you will be all set for your trip and avoid last minute hassles.

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