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Roadlok Motorcycle LocksThe Future Of Motorcycle Safety

It takes about 12 seconds to steal an unguarded motorcycle. So, millions of motorcyclists across the world have to spend thousands of rupees on antitheft insurance policies to save themselves from the impounding danger. This necessity has given birth to motorcycle locks being installed in each and every bike.

Motorcycle locks are of various kinds which provide protection across many tiers. There are throttle locks, U shaped locks, chain locks, disc locks, padlocks, and remainder locks which provide complete security to various parts of the motorbike. The throttle locks are applied to the motorcycle to keep it firmly on the ground. When a bike is kept tethered to a fence or wall, the chain lock or padlock is applied to tie the vehicle securely. Although these locks are easily available in the market, still they cannot qualify themselves for optimum protection. A little lack of consciousness on the part of the bike rider can make his motorcycle an easy prey to the hands of robbers.

The latest type of motorcycle locks have been launched in the market by Roadlok. They have introduced a new type of motorcycle lock- the wheel locks. Roadlok motorcycle locks have designed innovative locking systems which use the safest and smartest technologies in the market. The wheel locks, developed by Roadlok are installed in the caliper of the vehicle. They protect the vehicle from cutting, sawing, freezing and drilling which are some of the common techniques applied by the thieves to steal the bike. Since the locks are installed inside the wheels, so they protect the rotor and fender as well. Roadlok bike locks are very popular because they are compatible with the security systems of the leading bike manufacturers like Honda, KTM, BMW, Harley-Davidson, and Yamaha and many more.

BMW bike lock XRA307 is one of the most recent Roadlok products. It comes with a yellow, attractive tag and a motorcycle locking system. It has high security locking cylinder with 2 keys. The add-on feature is the protective plug and accumulated hardware. It calls for a one-time investment as it carries a lifetime warranty along with it. It comes in attractive colors like black, golden and red making it fashionable for the younger generation. It is compatible with ABS, that is, Anti-Braking lock system, an in-built feature of the latest models of BMW bikes. Roadlok XRA308 is a Roadlok product for Honda bikes. Roadlok provides attractive discounts on online purchases too.

Roadlok bike locks ensure complete security.

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