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How to Become an Expert Dribbler in Basketball

Dribbling gets us from one place to another on the basketball court.
It is also an effective way to get out of trouble when defenders are "breathing down our necks".
Most significantly, one or two good dribbles can get us near the basket for a shot we can make.
This skill definitely has an important place in the success of a basketball team.
A player of any size can be a competent dribbler, with the right kind of practice.
Here is what a player can do to get good at this skill: 1.
Always dribble with the fingers and finger pad, not the palms.
Keep your head up(do not look at the ball), and keep your knees bent at all times.
Dribble at the playground, when you are going from place to place, when you are in the midst of other activities.
Make it a habit to do it throughout the day, a few minutes at a time.
This continuous practice makes a difference in the long-term.
Dribble as much with your left hand as with your right hand.
Practice the following motions often: switching-hands dribble, fast dribble, sweeping-motion dribble, mopping-motion dribble, dribbling with eyes closed while stationary.
Whatever you do with your right hand, give equal time to your left hand.
Learn and practice the crossover dribble, reverse dribble, and slow-fast dribble.
The crossover dribble is when you are dribbling with your right hand, moving toward the right, and then you suddenly cross over the basketball in front of you to your left hand and move to the left.
A reverse dribble is when you are dribbling with your right hand on a slant across the court, and then you turn away from the defender, switch hands on your dribble, and proceed to move on a slant to your left.
A slow-fast dribble is when you are moving slowly, and then suddenly speed up to get past a defender who is not expecting the change in speeds.
Practice all of the above in combination over a few minutes at a time.
Imagine using your dribble effectively in a game.
Imagine being able to keep a defender from taking the ball from you by keeping your body between the defender and the ball, turning away from the defender, changing directions on the defender, changing speeds on your dribble.
You know what you are going to do before the defender knows.
Here's to becoming a dribbling expert! Coach Kevin Clancy

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