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Wear a wedding dress on how.

The marriage was a big stage, the designer wedding dresses is new people life a the most beautiful of the present. All the orders of under the bride and groom, wedding dress and showily charming is important, decent cast sufficient hand up is crucial to the success of the oh.

The bride required: wear wedding gown walking has exquisite

The bride required for you to wear wedding walk has exquisite

If you are over the wedding a variety of bearing and etiquette confused, please follow our into marriage gauze small classroom to avoid it. The bride wore a dress with a petticoat and no petticoat two marriage gauze different go footwork, the pace of the groom and bride with, the stage on several important manner, do for you in all demonstration. Just five minutes, allowing you to be able to easily master wedding etiquette tip!

You can print out with you wherever you go. In the designer wedding gowns before playing an one eye, even without the guidance of the video, so can also will action knew by means of heart, oh.

1, a wedding dress trimmed traveling

Walk your feet apart two boxing wide, like little duck tiptoe in place gently as play, the feeling can will skirt side kicking up gently.

2, no marriage gauze petticoat traveling

THE word along a straight line step walk, knees to attract each other. Be born feet feel like in tier with slide gently, tiptoe landing. Pay attention to succeed in rhythm.

3, bridal bouquet posture

Bouquet should be put into the position of the navel. Hold the palm of the flower bending feel like holding a fist as the type and model of the object to hold bouquet.

4, the bride and bridegroom with designer wedding dresses

But the bride and groom to the auditorium, taken steps order to be consistent and rhythm. The groom the body position than the bride before one half step (roughly 15 cm) distance.

5, the bride and groom station appearance

But the bride and groom standing ideal time to, slightly into to close when an eight-lane within. Steps into model t-shaped step, high pressure shoulder, visual ahead 16 m place.

6, but the bride and groom posture

The groom hand gently clench fist, placed in the position of the navel. The bride hand gently hold the groom the elbow. Note midway dont loose change their position.

7, the bride and groom sitting

Hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, chairs half. The groom positive points leg and sit, the bride to quit the t-shaped sat down, knees and approach the bridegroom side lateral slightly, the upper part of the face prior to.

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