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Snoring is a symptom of a number of health conditions, however "regular" snoring by itself is not much more than irritating and distressing to the spouse, significant other and family members of the snore.
In fact snoring can be damaging to relationships and snoring has become such a problem that it has become grounds for divorce.
Given that up to 40 percent of the population snore a number of devices and products have come to the market, some of which actually are effective.
However, before you spend your "hard earned" money, you must do some research - by understanding how snoring occurs and how "your" snoring occurs, after that it should be much easier to assess whether a device can be effective.
Also talk to your doctor and get their advice.
For example many snorers are overweight, smoke, drink alcohol and sleep on their backs.
Are you overweight? Do you smoke? Do you drink more than a few drinks of alcohol a week? Do you sleep on your back? If your life, or your relationships, is being effected by snoring it is easy to waste money buying this or that gadget "hoping" against hope that it will work, however, desperate situations lead to poor decisions in buying product that don't work.
Be sure you are solving the right problem.
Many of the ant-snoring products are supported by impressive marketing materials that make all sorts of promises and make the product appear to be "just what you're looking for" - however, the reality of what they actually deliver can be very different.
There are specialized pillows, mouth pieces, breathing strips, sprays, and a many of other "solutions" on the market.
While some do work and may work very well, the are some things on the market that are nothing but a waste of money.
There are pillows that offer varying types of neck support, some making use of visco-elastic memory foam, such as Temper Pedic (TM) , supporting your neck and providing the airway an unrestricted angle of your neck while you sleep.
The mouth peices are designed to keep the airway in an open position, allowing for air to flow in and out unobstructed.
Nasal strips, commonly seen on professional football players, is placed directly on the nose, spreading the nostrils apart for more air access.
It helps to clear clogged nostrils blocking air paths that may be causing sleeping disorders such as snoring.
Nasal strips tend to be pretty helpful to most snorers while keeping cost at a minimum.
Throat sprays work by using such nutrients as Vitamin C, E, B-6 and carrier oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, peppermint oil, and almond oil to lubricate the throat and the uvula, causing less friction while sleeping to allow the mouth .
The uvala is the small piece tissue that you can be see dangling down from your soft palate, the top of your mouth, down to the back of the tongue.
Then again you may find a simple, inexpensive solution is enough.
For instance if your snoring only occurs when you sleep on your back, here is a very inexpensive solution that works just as well as any product on the market.
Put place a small ball, golf ball, even a walnut in a sock, and attach it to the back of your pajama pants with a safety pin.
The ball will keep from rolling over on you back.
Well actually you could, but it will be more than "a little" uncomfortable.
This will keep you sleeping on your side.
While there are products like this on the market, but they don't work much, if any better ...
and they cost money.
Whenever you are using products to help control your snoring, you need to realize that not every solution works for everyone.
Everyone is unique and different people require different solutions to help alleviate their snoring.
What works wonders for one may not work for another.
Your best bet is to heavily research the products you plan on trying before purchasing, so that you can make a sound consumer decision.
Talk with your doctor, talk with your friends and check out consumer review pages to try to establish what treatments have worked for others and which products are merely well-marketed scams.

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