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How to Select a Small SUV

    • 1). Establish your price range. Consider how much you are willing to pay each month and remember to include interest. People with bad credit will pay a higher interest rate, which will increase your monthly car payment. Budget buyers or people wanting a more luxurious car than they might ordinarily be able to afford should consider buying a used small SUV.

    • 2). Determine your priorities. Do you care most about getting good gas mileage? Maybe you're more focused on safety or performance. Identifying the features most important to you can focus your search.

    • 3). List the amenities you want such as keyless starts, heated seats or navigational systems. Even if you're not in the luxury small SUV market, you can still find many of these luxury items in lesser models. Also decide if you want four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

    • 4). Read reviews of small SUVs. News outlets and car magazines constantly produce lists of best-selling and award-winning vehicles. Take advantage of online free resource guides to help you match your identified priorities to available small SUVs.

    • 5). Research current promotions. Certain brands might offer special deals such as low interest rates or cash back. The right price can change a person's mind about which small SUV he wants to buy.

    • 6). Check local dealers' websites for available cars. This step gains importance for those shopping used small SUVs. Not all dealers will have the combination of color and amenities that you want, and researching first will avoid wasted time driving to various car lots.

    • 7). Take test drive. You might love the way a car looks, but hate the way it drives. Test drive several brands of small SUVs to ensure you make the best decision.

    • 8). Pick a winner. Weigh all the factors such as price and amenities to decide which small SUV works best for you.

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