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Typical Fears of Jobseekers in Running an Instant Background Check

Have you ever applied for a job? If yes, then you have probably agreed to a background check.  The most common type of background screening is reference check, which involves contact with a previous employee to confirm information on your résumé. A number of jobs, especially those involved in finance and the government, require additional background checks.


A background check is usually conducted by a third party hired by your employer. If your employer is checking up on you, it means you are a potential candidate for the job, but how will you make sure that your past is not coming back to haunt you? You can run an instant background check and shun away these typical fears:

  • Poor credit will have a negative effect on the employer. Probably not. Only a few employers run credit checks on their applicants and eight states limit access to an individual's credit information. If you are applying for a finance job, you are likely to face a credit check. Only the last 5-7 years are considered during this type of background check.

  • Speeding tickets are going to destroy my criminal record. Highly unlikely. An instant background check is usually run for jobs in the government and those with access to money, children, and sensitive data. Moreover, an employer is not supposed to rule out a candidate with criminal record with a business justification. Thus, speeding tickets may disqualify you from being a bus driver, but not from being a computer programmer. 

  • They will pry into my personal life. That may be possible, but unlikely. Employers do not usually check on your political affiliation, religion, family status, sexuality, and health status because it brings legal exposure. Although they cannot ask you about it, they can learn about it through publicly available information, like your social media profile.


You also do not have to worry as the Store Communications Act prohibits anyone from accessing your accounts. They can perform an instant background check, but with your permission.

  • They will find negative comments from my previous co-workers and boss. Possibly.A potential employer will always ask about your job performance and work habits. Besides, most companies do not give more than the basic information to prevent any legal repercussions. You can run a background check on yourself using to make sure that you do not have anything to hide.   

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