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Refined Furniture - The Chesterfield Sofa

Well-made decorative furniture, such as a chesterfield sofa, are refined additions to a distinguished room.
While the best quality in this design will cost the consumer thousands, many companies manufacture to a high standard at a reasonable price.
Before discussing the craft behind this piece, however, where exactly did the design originate? Brief History of the Chesterfield There are many opinions about the origins of this couch, but one detail they concur on is the timeline.
During the year of 1773, the Earl of Chesterfield commissioned a craftsman to create a comfortable sofa for reclining against in good posture.
The deeply buttoned couch, adorned with handsome and functional buttons from end to end, is a common fixture in richly detailed spaces, and has a dedicated following.
The classy accents of the Chesterfield, and bold rolled arms, allow it to fit in well with traditional decor rich in color, texture, and embellishment.
While the exact origins will always be debated, fine furniture companies such as 'Distinctive Chesterfields' focus on creating an elite standard of hand crafted couches in this tradition.
Quality of Craftsmanship, Attention to Detail Despite an extravagant price, choosing the best leather chesterfield will reward the owner for generations.
The pricing for this level of manufacturing, about $3000 to $8000, depending on size and leather, is justified by the careful attention paid to every stage of production.
-Frame Construction: The chesterfield sofa frame requires carefully selected hardwoods for strength and durability.
Individual craftsmen work the best wood by hand with precision instruments.
Due to advanced joining techniques, assembly must be done by hand.
Using dovetail joints, dowels, and individual inspection of each frame as it is being assembled; long-lasting quality can be ensured.
-Achieving the Finished Look: The process of French polishing is favored for fine wood finishing.
Any exposed wood, such as the legs or ends of sofa arms will have several coats of color rubbed in by hand.
The color is allowed to set and harden for at least two days before it can move on to the next stage of production.
-Adding the Padding: Once the structural integrity of the frame is inspected, the sofa will now have springs and padding added to it, determining the final shape and style of the Chesterfield sofa.
Though they share a love of button accents, a few different shapes have evolved.
Among these are the arched back Buckingham, the slightly raised Cumberland, and the classic Queen Anne style with a high back and exposed claw foot legs.
-The final stage in construction is applying high grade leather.
At this price range, there are typically several choices of finishes and grades a customer can select from.
This vital detail can take several days to complete.
Protecting the Leather To protect your investment, purchase the recommended cleaning kit.
Generally, using a leather conditioner and cleaner a couple of times a year will be sufficient to maintain the beauty of this natural material.

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