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Life Stride Shoes - A Great Pick for Summer Season

For every weather, there are different sets of fashion trends - and this is so because the weather conditions and the requirements of people differ in different climatic conditions.
For instance, you need a sweater in winters to prevent from feeling cold whereas you need open shoes in summers to keep your feet comfortable and airy.
Although Life Stride Shoes are available in a wide range for summer and winter use but here we will particularly discuss the summer variety they offer.
Following are some of the features you should look for in the summer shoes: Fabric Breathable fabric shoes are ideal for summers.
If you take heavy leather and suede shoes, chances are you will spoil the skin on your feet.
Like you, your feet also need to get air during the scorching heat, so air these by getting thin fabric shoes.
Style Summer shoes are available in open style so that your feet are not packed in for sweating and suffocating.
Choose open style shoes so that you feel the air on your feet.
Cutouts, toe-peep and such shoes are more in fashion.
Colors For summers, choose light colors such as pink, yellow, blue, orange and white.
Avoid dark shades since they absorb heat.
Comfort This feature should be checked while buying any type of shoes - - formal or informal and summer or winter.
Comfort is important because without comfort you would not want to wear the pair.
Comfort can be checked through the inner cushioning of the shoes and the size of the heels.
Before buying your shoes keep in mind the size of the heels that is fine for you to walk in.

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