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Laser Ink Toner: Superior Quality

Modern life without a computer at hand would be nearly impossible to manage. Every type of computer is represented these days; some people prefer having powerful, large desktop computers, while others want the compact joy of a laptop.

People who wish to convert digital information into physical data are required to use a printer. When you need to have something printed, you have the option of using either an inkjet printer or a laser printer; either one will suffice for your needs.

Those who desire the highest possible print quality and the fastest printing speed will have been using laser printers for years, but with the way these printer prices have been decreasing, many more people are coming into the fold. This post focuses on the use of toner cartridges in laser printers.

While both toner cartridges and ink cartridges fulfill the same purpose of putting digital ideas onto paper, toner is not wet like ink. Laser printers apply toner, a dry, plastic-like powder, to paper through the use of heat from the aforementioned lasers. When cartridge manufacturers put the toner into the cartridge, they will give the powder a negative charge; when this is exposed to the positive charge of the printer drum, the toner will move. After that, the drum that has all the toner will put it to paper, which is yet again charged in the opposite way. You won't find much more in the process after that.

Laser printers work by fusing the toner particles located within the cartridge onto the paper, and when the particles are properly aligned, you get the image you want. Among those who know, the laser is generally called the fuser. Early laser printers were quite messy, due to the fact that the toner used in these machines had to be poured by hand into special reservoirs.

After modern toner cartridges were invented, people never had to look at toner itself until it appeared on their pages. Refillable cartridges are now entering the market to allow people to save money on their toner. There are four colors of toner (magenta, yellow, cyan, and black) that are able to combine to recreate all the other necessary colors. Check out Ink Technologies

Toner was first created using only carbon powder. As discoveries found that other materials could make for better print quality, carbon started being combined with plastic; this is now referred to as "melt-mix" toner. Toner back in those days was also made of very large particles, which led to image quality suffering. By reducing the size of the toner particles, manufacturers were able to perfect the ability to create beautiful imagery on paper. Check out cheap laser toner for better printing.

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