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How Does a Crime Scene Investigator Defend Their Research in the Court of Law?

    Chain of Custody

    • The evidence chain of custody is started as soon as the evidence is discovered. The chain of custody includes who discovered and collected the evidence, where it was discovered and how it was collected, along with the time and date of each event.


    • Evidence is usually photographed for proof of location before it is collected. Photographs show without a doubt where the evidence was located inside the crime scene and its relation to other objects in the crime scene.


    • Evidence is collected under specific guidelines based on the type of evidence being collected. Once collected it is packaged based on approved packaging guidelines to eliminate the chance of contamination before examination. The evidence is also stored in a controlled environment to further protect it until trial.

    Expert Witnesses

    • Expert witness testimony is used to defend credibility of the type of evidence and how it is applicable to the trial. An expert witness can explain how the findings prove whether or not the defendant was involved in the crime.

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