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Life Insurance - The Essence of the Medical Examination

Life insurance providers like to know a couple of things about the person they want to insure before insuring the person.
Things like the person's age, habits and very importantly the state of the person's health.
This makes a medical examination very important.
Your insurer would of course engage a professional to do the physical.
For some, it is more extensive than others.
All your insurer wants to ascertain is how insurable you are or the level of risk they would taking on by insuring the individual.
When filling out your form, you would likely have been asked your weight.
For your information, your insurer would not take your word for it.
many insurers charge a higher premium for over weight people so they would be very concerned about finding out for themselves the weight of the individual.
Another issue is checking for signs of smoking or other habits regarded as hazardous to the health.
It is possible for some people to want to deceive the insurer by saying they do not smoke when they actually do.
There are of course tests to determine these facts.
Your insurer would likely want to know about your health history.
If you have had a number of health issues, thy would want to look at how it would impact on the risk level they are carrying.
Even if some of the above apply to you, it does not mean that you should run from life insurance.
Know that if you took the time to get life insurance quotes online today, you would find that different insurers have different philosophies and approaches to their business.
you could actually find one to give you a good life insurance coverage and at a cheap rate.

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