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An HR Generalist: A Summary of Duties

    • An HR Generalist is someone experienced in many different areas of human resources.Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images

      Human Resources is a career field with many specialties. The HR Generalist is someone who is responsible for all of the different duties associated with human resources and personnel. Typically a generalist will report to a human resources director and may be responsible for coordinating the human resources specialist team members. According to Gatti & Associates, an executive recruiting firm, companies are more frequently looking for generalists who have experience in many different HR areas.


    Compensation and Benefits

    Orientation and Training

    Employee Relations

    Policy Making

    • HR Generalists may be tasked with creating employee handbooks, putting policies into writing and ensuring that human resources policies are properly communicated to employees. HR Generalists may write up policies for computer use, cell phone use, attendance, time off, leaves of absences, privacy and confidentiality and other policies.

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