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Safe Curling Iron Temperature For My Hair

A popular hair care product, curling irons are ideal for providing you beautifully curled hair in a short period of time. Today it is very easy to find a wide range of curling irons in stores where beauty products are sold. The features to consider when purchasing a curling iron depend on your type of hair and the desired hairstyle.

Different types of hair need varying amounts of heat. A typical curling iron temperature is between 280 and 300 degrees. Different models come with differing default temperature settings, but this is a typical heat level. If your hair is thick, coarse or very difficult to mange, you will require more heat to curl and style your hair efficiently. In this case you can come across curling iron temperatures that go up to 400 degrees. For increased hair care, those with thin hair can try to find curling irons with a lower default setting. In the same way, for fragile or damaged hair, a lower setting is suitable.

Fortunately, there are a number of curling irons that come with the ability for the user to change the temperature in accordance with their preference. So, if possible, prefer a hair curler that has multiple heat settings. Some curling irons will have 10 to 25 settings, whereas some will simply have low and high settings. Creating light, bouncy curls quickly can be done by loosely wrapping hair around the barrel on a low setting for a few seconds at a time.

The barrel size is another consideration in choosing a curling iron, which will decide the nature of curl you get. The smaller the barrel, the smaller and tighter the curls it produces. A wide barrel will make waves rather than tight curls. Some curling irons feature multiple barrels, often a smooth barrel and a brush attachment, which is an additional benefit if you like changing your look.

Irrespective of temperature settings, curling irons are hot enough to cause injury and pain. So, it should be handled cautiously.

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