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Free Retirement Planning Tools


    • The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) provides a free retirement calculator for use on its website. The calculator is user-friendly and is designed to assist the user in calculating how much money he will need to have saved in order to retire comfortably. The calculator tool determines, through a series of questions regarding life expectancy, investments and retirement benefits, how much money the planner would need to put aside on a monthly basis to accomplish his retirement goals.

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    • Employers sometimes offer information free of charge to their employees regarding retirement. Benefits that are offered through the company, such as stock options and 401K investing, are often handled through an outside management company that specializes in investments, such as Fidelity Investments. Representatives from these investment companies are normally available to guide the employee step by step through the process of ensuring that they have a solid retirement plan at no charge.

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    • FinPlan offers an excellent online capital needs analysis tool that is designed to allow the user to determine her best options when it comes to retirement planning. Its online retirement calculator focuses on three main areas--financial needs during retirement, income sources during retirement and the user's current savings. By answering a few simple questions regarding items such as the user's current age, desired age of retirement and current assets, the FinPlan tool allows the user to assess his current financial status and plan for future financial needs.


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