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Finding the Right Stud for Dog Breeding

Most dog breeders would start with one dog. Usually that dog would be a bitch or a female dog. When it is in its third or fourth heat cycle, the breeder would then look for a stud or male dog to mate with their female dog. Looking for the right stud may sound easy but it's not. You can't just get any to mate your bitch with. You must find the one that would have the highest probability of producing the best quality litters.

There are many things to consider when choosing. First of all, you must consider the age. Usually, the stud should be at least 18 months old. This is the right age for the dogs to mate because this is their mature age. Any younger than this and you could risk having weak or low quality litters to be conceived.

Health issues should be your concern. Make sure that the male is healthy and without genetic conditions or anomalies. These conditions can be passed on or inherited by the litters. It would be best to avoid sickly and unhealthy studs.

It is also advisable to ask the breeder of the stud for his medical records. What you are looking for in that record is the vaccines administered to him. Make sure that all the necessary vaccines, medicines and vitamins have been received by the dog. If not, there is a huge chance that the stud may have a weak immunity system and that weak immunity system may also be inherited by the puppies.

Once you all these health considerations have been met, you can look at the dog and see if this dog has the physical qualities that you want your litters or puppies to have. They may not get all the genetic makeup of the make dog but you would surely want them to at least get some of those characteristics.

You should also check the family line of the canine. You cannot mate your bitch to a dog that is not a pure breed. Even if it looks like one, if it has another pedigree in its blood, then you are looking at a wasted investment. Not many people will want to buy dogs that are not of pure breed. Worse, you cannot enter them into competitions.

What you should avoid is inbreeding. Another reason for looking checking the family line of the stud is to make sure that your bitch and the stud is not related. To ensure that the conceived puppies are healthy, have strong immunity system and have good strong genes, you should mate your female dog with a male dog that is from a different family. If not, there wouldn't be any diversity in their genes and there wouldn't be any improvement in the litters' genetic qualities.

These are just the few of the things to consider when looking for a stud. To have a better and more extensive knowledge in this aspect of dog breeding, it would be best to ask for tips and advice from experienced breeders and vets.

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