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Win Your Ex Back - 3 Helpful Tips on How to Get Back the Love You Lost

After a major breakup, it can feel like you've lost your reason for living, like you just want to crawl in a hole and die.
When those feelings of love begin to nag and seem like they won't go away, it can seem like you'd have a better chance at winning the lottery before you win your ex back.
Increase your odds with these helpful 3 tips.
Take off the rose-colored lenses.
Now is the time to accept the truth-the relationship is over.
If you handle it badly, cause a scene, get too emotional, start stalking your ex or begging them to take you back, you will push them away.
They will be glad they broke up with you and dodged a bullet.
The better you are at handling the news of a breakup, the easier it will be to win back your ex.
Lower your expectations.
It's even better to have no expectations at all.
Imagine the relationship is like Christmas and you're a child.
You spend all of November and December anxious about what you'll get, making endless lists of what you want, and the night before, you are so excited you can hardly sleep! But what happens when you wake up to the truth? People can smell expectations a mile away.
It's better to go with the flow and almost expect a relationship will end or accept that it probably will.
When you are able to do this, you learn how to appreciate and love each moment.
If your ex thinks you expect nothing from them, they will be at ease with the idea of winning you back.
Put your best foot forward.
A relationship ends for a number of reasons.
If you became lax in your appearance, it probably didn't help.
Imagine each day is a chance to make the best impression possible.
If your ex was attracted to a more slim, more active, more exciting you and you slowly changed, you can always work to change it back.
Not only will you be happier with yourself and exude more confidence, you will become the person your ex first fell in love with and win your ex back!

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