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How to Make a Multiterm Glossary

  • 1). Write all words that are to be included in your glossary on individual note cards. Make sure that you spell each word correctly and include all terms you'll need in your glossary.

  • 2). Define the glossary words on the back of the note cards. Use the following abbreviations that correspond to the part of speech for each word: N. (noun), V. (verb), Adj. (adjective) or Adv. (adverb). If this glossary is for a foreign language class, including this step will help you when you are studying. After the part of speech, write the full definition for the term. Include a sentence that uses the glossary word correctly.

  • 3). Organize the note cards in alphabetical order. Alphabetizing the note cards will make compiling the glossary much easier.

  • 4). Write the words in order in a blank notebook or type them using word processing software. If you are writing the words in a blank notebook, be sure to leave space in between words for future terms that will be added. A few lines will suffice. If you are completing the glossary with a word processor, you will be able to accommodate future terms easily.

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