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Are You on a Diet Or Maybe Thinking of Trying One?

Dieting is a very common occurrence.
If you haven't been on one, you're an exception.
Here are some answers for you to mull over.
There are times when a change of eating habits is in order, but as a rule I don't particularly think they are always the answer.
With most people an eating plan is in order.
Most only need a change in the foods they consume.
Most individuals today think of a "diet" as restricting their food intake below what it should be.
This is not good idea.
It can lead to health complications.
On the other hand, "diets" may only be a term used for changing the way one eats.
Not restricting their food intake, just changing it.
There are, of course diets that will do both, help you to lose weight and maintain a vigorous healthy body.
For this type, lets use the term eating program.
This eating program may be combined with an exercise program with a goal of both weight loss, toning and slimming, and better health.
And then again you may be battling with some ailment that requires a change in your "diet.
" So the term is used for a variety of eating programs.
Any diet has suggestions as to what foods you should and shouldn't have.
And any given hour of the day, or night, the public is bombarded, with TV ads promoting the hottest of these programs.
It may even be suggested that you take supplements, and this is not a bad idea.
Lets talk about a subject everyone, or almost everyone, is familiar with.
Crash diets.
We all know what they are, because most of us have tried them at one time or another.
I remember the soup diet.
What an experience that was! It was very limiting and hard to stay on.
As was most of the others I've tried.
However, fad diets come and go.
Here is why they come and go, then you'll understand.
Truthfully, their boring.
You really were not sure if you could stay on one.
The food was just not available outside of the home and if you're a working girl, that became a problem.
And most important, did they ever really work? No! Dropping some weight on the short term programs is possible.
However, short term eating programs are not the answer if you are looking for long term results.
You need to make permanent changes in your eating habits.
Either way you need to have a goal and a realistic time frame to achieve it.
There is a definite problem with short term diets.
* No permanent weight loss and definitely no life changing possibilities.
* They may actually cause you to regain what was lost and more.
There are many articles about this subject, and the subject is, at times, complex.
So I will be given a short version of what is available out there.
Why do individuals quit a diet? You've heard it all before, just as I have.
Some diets require special food preparation and this has proved to be inconvenient.
"I'm going on vacation and you can't diet on a cruise.
" "I've just had a fight with my spouse and I was so mad I went on an eating binge and ruined all my hard work.
" Are you familiar with any of these? I am! You may have made some bad choices, in the past, that resulted in your situation today and now you are faced with making more choices.
And now you are faced with another one.
Nutrition is not a debatable subject.
It's a necessity, not a luxury.
And nutrition is compromised with crash diets like the ones discussed above.
These diets only put your health in jeopardy, and are not to be used in a long term program.
You need to decide your situation and develop a plan to follow.
Each cell, organ, nerve, bone have a specific function, but they all have one thing in common.
They need nourishment! And that means a balanced diet.
I've personally had experience with crash diets and without exception I've put back more weight than I lost.
I was like a yoyo, up down, up down.
You could also equate my dieting to a merry-go-round.
Not going anywhere at all.
Here are some guidelines to help you in your decision to change your eating habits.
* Exercise...
to help burn calories * Relax when needed * and most import, a balanced diet If you need to lose weight and dieting is in your future, you will need to adjust your eating habits to accommodate your goal.
Also include supplements in your plan to avoid any vitamin deficiencies due to dieting.

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