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3 Ways to Help You Be Thin

I know that we all know those people that seem to just be slim, always.
They go out to eat, they don't have super intense work out routines and yet they are always thin.
The truth is there are many ways to stay fit and slim without starving yourself or killing yourself at the gym.
There are simple everyday things you can do to get the slim in shape look without too much work.
The most important thing to do is to become self aware.
You have to realize everything you do effects you even the things you may think don't.
So here are some tips to help you keep it in check.
Remember even if they seem minimal and not effective...
they are! Give them a try.
1) One is obviously to drink water instead of anything else! That's right.
Even that low calorie ice tea or work out beverage.
The truth is a lot of those are sweetened and they all have calories that hey you don't need! Especially when you are out dining somewhere, restuarants often have sweetened teas that add suger, carbohydrate and calories that don't even seem like you ate them.
Especially stay away from diet drinks that is a joke.
I mean think about it, all those naturally thin people, I know you know at least one, they very seldom have drinks with their meal.
Also when you are having alcoholic beverages, drink white liquor and mix it with tonic or carbonated water instead of the other sweet sugary options.
White liquor has less sugar and less calories, and the tonic has no calories.
2) Get off the couch! That seems obvious, but really.
When you are chatting with your pals on the phone, get up and move around.
Take out the trash do some laundry.
Another big, big, big, thing is get off the computer! All those hours you spend chatting with people online you could be out walking, biking, getting some form of exercise.
Even if you cut your networking down by 30 minutes there is a great 30 minute workout you just couldn't fit in before.
3) When you are on the go sometimes it is really hard to get something decent to eat.
So you end up stopping at a fast food chain and getting some over caloried under nutritioned item that completely ruins your whole way of life.
Instead of doing that, keep a diet shake mix handy at all times.
Find a really great diet system that is right for you and keep it on hand.
That way when time is short and you are jetting out the door you can make up a shake and take it along! All the protien and nutrition you will need to keep you going all after noon.

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