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5 Easy Ways to Cure Your Acne Without Medication

You know, many people who are suffering from terrible acne condition will go to their dermatologists first before considering doing anything else to cure their acne.
When they go to dermatologists, they will spend hundreds of dollars for one-time visit in order to get some prescribed medications and antibiotics (which cost them some hundred dollars).
And even after that, they will be required to visit the dermatologists again in order to report their condition regularly, and in so doing, spending more hundreds of dollars in the process.
Here's how you can end up your spending and start to really cure your acne.
Throw away all your acne medications, drugs, and antibiotics Why should you do it? That's because those things don't help you.
Try to be honest with yourself.
You still have your acne, right? How many times have you visited your dermatologist to get those medications? If your answer is more than 5 times, then it means those things don't work.
They only give you bad side effects, more dry skin, and more acne breakouts.
Start with a clean slate: fix your dietary habit Most of your acne problems is caused by bad dietary habit.
So, when you say to yourself that you can eat everything and anything that is in front of you, you are wrong.
You can't eat bad foods and want to get a clear skin at the same time.
Fix your dietary habit and understand that your diet will lead you to either more acne or less acne.
Give your body enough rest Why are you working too much? Why do you stay up late at night? You don't need to do that.
Your body needs rest because when it is time to rest, your body will regenerate itself.
It will try to cure your bad skin condition naturally.
So, if you don't give your body enough rest, you will not be able to cure your acne.
In fact, you are preventing your body from doing it.
Stop picking at your acne Picking at your acne will only make it worse.
You know, sometimes acne is so painful to feel.
Why? That's because there are whiteheads or blackheads inside your acne.
But, when you pick it at the wrong time, your skin pores won't open to remove it.
Instead, it will prevent the whiteheads from getting out of your acne, which will make your acne to get bigger and worse.
Cultivate happiness in your mind Why should you be happy in times of trouble with your acne? That's because stress will only aggravate your acne.
Studies have found the bad link between stress and acne.
So, instead of getting depressed, try to be happy and it will help you to restore your skin health.

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