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How to Remove Burn Marks Off of Adhesive Tile Floors

    Remove Burn

    • 1). Scrape the burned area from the adhesive floor tile using a razor scraper and working gently to avoid scratching or gouging the surrounding tile.

    • 2). Clean the scraped area by brushing off all remnants of the burned material.

    • 3). Apply several thin coats of a matching acrylic paint, allowing each coat to dry completely before re-coating.

    Replace Tile

    • 1). Remove the burned tile by heating the surface for several minutes with a blow dryer and gently lifting with a putty knife.

    • 2). Locate a matching tile in a "hidden" area of the room, such as beneath a refrigerator or stove or in a closet or pantry. Remove the matching tile in the same manner.

    • 3). Switch the burned tile with the unmarred tile, gluing each into place with a vinyl tile adhesive according to the manufacturer's directions.

    • 4). Press the floor tile into place with a steady pressure such as standing on the tile, taking care to remove all air pockets from beneath the tile.

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