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Beat Anxiety With Daily Positive Self Talk

Oftentimes, negative self talk or the negative things we tell ourselves everyday cause us to be anxious even about the smallest things.
Anxiety is a part of human life.
In fact most psychologists say that a moderate amount of anxiety is healthy, because this is the way the mind warns us of dangers or impending threats to our bodies.
It is when anxieties start ruling our lives and preventing us from enjoying our existence that it is considered a disorder.
There are many ways to deal with anxiety, but the one that most doctors and therapists recommend is cognitive behavior therapy.
This is a form of treatment where a person goes through a series of sessions aimed to change the way he thinks.
A good deal of time during these sessions is spent on changing the thought patterns of a patient that takes him from the anticipatory (expecting the worst to happen) stage to the rational stage.
This is done by repeating positive words that can drastically alter his thoughts.
Here are some examples of positive self talk that you can try if you are suffering from daily, irrational anxieties: 1.
Today, I am in control.
I will enjoy this day because everything will work out right today.
I am feeling great.
Anxiety is something I can control, not something that can control me.
Right now I am aware that there is fear inside me, but I am slowly seeing it disappear and I will be fine.
For now, I will focus on doing something positive rather than be gripped and paralyzed by this fear.
I am getting to be a better person because I can control my negative thoughts.
I will take a deep breath and as I release the air from my body, so will the toxic thoughts in my mind be removed.
Anxiety is a bad habit that my body has learned through time.
It is not too late to change this habit and channel the energy I spend being anxious into something more positive.
You've often heard it said - "You are what you think you are".
There are many instances when the thing you fear most becomes real - this is because sometimes the thoughts that you have in your head become a self-fulfilling prophecy.
And so if you think that you will attract disaster, you certainly will! Do not let anxious thoughts fill your life with fear and misery.
Take charge of your life by filling your thoughts

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