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Cornish Tin Wedding Gifts


    • For men, cufflinks offer a simple, decorative finish to their shirts and are suitable for the man who enjoys a little "bling." Cornish tin cufflinks come in a variety of shapes including tin can, oval and pasty T-bar, and engine house. Still others are more intricate and are offered cold enameled and depicting the Duchy of Cornwall's coat of arms along with the Cornish motto "one and all" or even depicting the flag of St Piran.


    • Cornish tin produces heavy, luxurious jewelry in either a textured or polished form. Whether you're looking for a pendant, broach, earrings or bracelet, you'll enjoy the variety of choices you'll have. While often made of 100 percent Cornish tin, some jewelry is also nickel-plated. Cornish tin jewelry can be personalized and embellished with stones and engravings, ideal for tailoring gifts to specific wedding anniversaries.

    Picture Frames

    • A picture frame is a common wedding gift that becomes unique when made of rare, high-quality Cornish tin. A picture frame allows for long-lasting, cherished memories to consistently be on display. Cornish tin picture frames are offered in various designs, including textured with a Celtic heart knotwork border and the number 10 in each corner to commemorate your 10th wedding anniversary.


    • Made of Cornish tin, clocks take on a unique and almost antique finish. They might be personalized with textured or polished surfaces or embellished with stones and engravings.

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