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A Guide to Abdominal Exercises

The muscles in the abdomen are just like other muscles in the body, they are required to work out but at regular intervals like 2-3 non repetitive days a week.
These abdominal exercises affect the lower upper and oblique abdominal muscles.
These ab exercises help you to get a flatter tummy.
The ab exercises help you to workout in a functional way by making dynamic moves and they burn the calories in multiple muscles.
This will intern reduces the body fat and strengthen the muscles in the abdomen area.
There are different exercises for abdomens starting from beginners to advanced stages.
These exercises can be practiced using different tools as well.
To get the best results for the abdomen is to vary the ab exercises you do and change the order of doing them also.
For beginners to starting with the ab exercises should follow Crunches, Plank, Reverse crunches, Dead bug, Oblique crossover crunches and Back extension.
These exercises should be performed with minimum of 10 to 30 repetitions and containing 2 to 3 sets each.
The number of repetitions can be increased for further workouts.
Advance ab exercises are standing side bends, lying medicinal ball oblique's, weighted v-sit and around both the legs, around the body swings, seated twists with ball, seated rotations, weighted leg extensions, lift onto crossed legs, weighted golf swings, through single leg etc.
Some the ab exercises also require certain equipments like benches, weighted balls and weights etc.
To concentrate on different parts of the abdomens the exercise for lower abdomen are pelvic tilt, Knee up and seated knee up.
Upper abdominal exercises are crunch, Butterfly and curl up.
The oblique abdominal exercises are twists, oblique crunch and cross crunch.
All the ab exercises should be done under the supervision of a trained instructor.
The ab exercises should be performed carefully and the back is to be supported firmly.
There is a misinterpretation that the upper and lower abdomen is different, but actually there is no difference in the muscles present in them.
There are some exercises help to develop either the upper part or the lower part of the abdomen.
These exercises in both lower and upper parts of the body jointly help us in developing a flat tummy reducing the fat around the belly region.
Over all coordination of the body parts will also be developed.
Some of the most popular exercises are Ball Crunch, Knee Tucks, Crunch & Reach, Modified Plank, Wood chops, Ball Taps and Hip Extension on the Ball.
The fitness of the body increases by the number of repetitions for each exercise and 2-4 sets of each exercises should be performed with a gap of 30-120 seconds for each set for relaxation.

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