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How to Install a GE GX1S01C

    Connection to Primary Sink Faucet

    • 1). Shut off the cold water supply.

    • 2). Cut off a three inch length of pipe using the pipe cutter. Attach the non-threaded end of one of the the right angle joints that is provided with the installation kit to the top of the newly cut pipe by pressing tightly on it so that it fits snugly. File the cut end of the pipe as necessary so that the fit is tight.

    • 3). Screw the long end of the shorter of the two L-shaped pipes that are provided in the installation kit into the threaded end of the right angle joint. Screw the short end of the pipe into the threaded intake on the left of the filter assembly.

    • 4). Attach the short end of the remaining L-shaped pipe to the outlet on the right of the filter. Tighten the nut around the pipe using your adjustable wrench.

    • 5). Screw the threaded end of the remaining right angle joint onto the longer end of the L-shaped pipe. Tightly press the unthreaded end of the joint onto the bottom of the cold water pipe that leads to the faucet.

    • 6). Turn the faucet to cold and fully open it. Slowly turn on the water supply valve to check for leaks. When the water supply is smooth, check for leaks. Mount the filter using the mounting bracket as desired.

    Connection to Auxiliary Faucet

    • 1). Drill a 3/4-inch mounting hole into the right hand corner of the sink and insert the auxiliary faucet (model UNFCTBL or UNFCTWW). Fasten the adapter over the washer, insert the tubing into the adapter and fasten the nut tightly to the adapter using your adjustable wrench.

    • 2). Shut off the cold water supply. Drill a 1/4-inch hole into the cold water pipe about one-third of the way from the cold water valve.

    • 3). Attach the water supply saddle valve included along with the faucet by inserting its protruding valve into the hole which you drilled and fastening the mounting bracket of the valve so it tightly encircles the pipe.

    • 4). Connect one end of the tubing provided with the installation kit to the flange of the saddle valve. Pass the other end through one of the two nuts included in the kit. Attach the included insert to that end of the tubing and fasten the nut to the intake of the filter. Use the small, open end of the sump wrench to tighten.

    • 5). Pass the other end of the tubing you connected to the faucet through the remaining nut and attach the insert. Connect the nut to the outtake of the filter. Fully open the water faucet and slowly open the water supply. Check for leaks. When the water flow is smooth close the faucet. Mount the filter to the cabinet wall using the mounting bracket.

    Mounting the Filter to the Cabinet Wall

    • 1). Use the mounting bracket as a template to mark the two necessary holes. The filter should be installed at least 1-1/2-inches above the bottom of the cabinet.

    • 2). Drill holes if necessary and attach the bracket to the wall using the two included wood screws.

    • 3). Line up the holes on the bracket with the mounting holes of the filter assembly. Attach and tighten each of the four included mounting screws so that they hold the bracket to the holes in the top of the filter assembly.

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