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Miami Sees Increase In Bookings For Destination Weddings

South Floridas warm sub-tropical climate and picturesque landscapes have helped it become one of the leading destinations for tropical nuptials.

As the United States economy strengthens, more engaged couples are choosing Miami and South Florida for their tropical destination weddings.

The region saw a decline in the number of couples booking weddings in Florida during the recent recession but the wedding industry is now showing signs of recovery as bookings for beach weddings in Miami are on the rise.

Miami is a vibrant city that is well known for its bars, restaurants, DJs and talented bar tenders, and couples can choose from a wide selection of venues or settings for their destination weddings, including luxury hotels, restaurants, tropical gardens and beautiful sandy beaches.

With the help of professional wedding planners, couples can enjoy a wedding reception on the waterfront or beach with state-of-the-art portable bars and DJs.

Brides and grooms getting married in Miami can head to the famous Miami Beach for romantic nuptials against the backdrop of the turquoise sparkling ocean; exchange vows in tropical gardens surrounded by family and friends; or take a trip on a luxury yacht to a private island where they can tie the knot on palm-fringed sandy shores.

Florida is a popular location for weddings abroad, from Miami and Fort Lauderdale in the south, to the Emerald Coast in the north-west.

Stretching approximately 100 miles across the North West Florida Gulf Coast through four counties, the Emerald Coasts boasts a collection of beautiful white sandy beaches and beautiful wedding destinations such as Destin, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City Beach, Niceville and Gulf Breeze.

Recent research has revealed that the number of UK couples who prefer a destination wedding over a traditional ceremony at home is on the rise and more than 18 per cent of weddings for UK couples now take place overseas.

Popular destinations for ceremonies include the Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii, the Maldives, Cyprus and Italy, where the weather is more reliable and there are plenty of romantic settings to choose from such as pristine white sand beaches, historic churches, rugged cliff tops, tropical colourful gardens, and luxurious hotels.

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