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Nautical Star Tattoos - Pictures of Nautical Star Tattoos

In the olden days, sailors relied on stars to steer and find their way home safely. Nautical stars were used as direction-finder to guide and protect the sailors in the wide open seas at night to prevent deviating from set destination. The Plough constellation is the best signpost to use in the Northern hemisphere, whereas The Southern Cross is the navigating star in the south. Sailors in the bygone centuries are believed to be the early group who ink nautical star tattoos on their body.

There has been much controversial debate over the real meaning of nautical star tattoos. The tattoos were worn by many groups over the decades to embody different symbolical meanings. In the past while lesbian community was not openly visible, nautical star was adopted as a sign for lesbians to identify other partners. Usually they wore nautical stars on their wrists. This symbol was also used by the soldiers, the gays and the punk rockers as well over the years.

Modern star tattoos have become increasingly popular among tattoo enthusiasts. Today body arts with nautical star icons have a new perspective and are favored for personal expression of uniqueness, fashion and style. Nautical star tattoos are attributed as a symbol of finding your way and following your dream. Being the guiding star, it constantly reminds the tattoo bearers for continuous searching of their dreams and destinations. If you decide to wear one of those nautical star tattoos, so long if you know what the star symbol is meant for you, you’ll appreciate it for life.

Nautical star tattoos look superb to be worn on the lower stomach, lower back, feet, armbands and shoulders. Other popular star artworks you can also consider are the shooting star tattoos, tribal star tattoos, star and moon tattoos, the Star of David and pentagram tattoos.

Investing time doing research on magazines, books and internet will make certain that you get the best body art option. You should make use of all available resources when searching and picking your perfect design. Here are the top 3 tattoo galleries with unique, creative and original nautical star tattoos.

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