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What Are the Purposes of Engagement Pictures and How Much Do They Cost?

Engagement is a mutual promise to marry.
It can thus be said that acquiring engagement pictures is indispensable because this is a once in a lifetime episode for soon to be married couples.
However, some newly engaged couples may wonder what engagement pictures are used for, if they are necessary, and how much they cost.
Here are some of the reasons for obtaining engagement pictures: -It primarily serves as a souvenir for couples.
Engagement is a favorite moment in the lives of couples.
People love to capture these moments so that when they age they can both reminisce on that particular event and can even share it with their descendants in the future.
-It can also be used in announcements in the local paper.
Not every person in a couple's life is given a personal notification of engagement.
Thus, couples often post announcements to a local or national newspaper to share the news with friends, relatives, and the rest of the world.
The newspaper announcement can also serve as a nice souvenir.
-It can also be used in invitations.
Wedding invitations usually follow not too long after the engagement.
So the engagement pictures can be used in the invitation and save the date magnets.
A couple should also consider the cost of obtaining their engagement pictures.
An engagement picture service comes in different packages.
If the engagement picture is taken by a professional photographer it can at an hourly rate or a fixed rate from as little as $10 up to $750.
The packages include but are not limited to the following: location of the photo shoot, length of the photo shoot, number of photographs needed and special processing requirements.
Expect to pay more for more experienced photographers.
If the finances of the couples are tight, they may try to consider the following to minimize the cost of acquiring engagement pictures: -Make use of your own camera.
Utilizing own camera will help save money on the expenses on photography but couples should make sure that the camera to be used is of high quality or can be at par with cameras that have excellent resolution.
If the couple doesn't own one, they can try to borrow one from friends or relatives.
-Ask a relative or a friend to personally take the pictures.
Look for a relative or friend who is a professional photographer because they can offer a good deal with regard to the packages.
If a couple doesn't have friends or relatives who are professional photographers, they can ask for somebody who is personally known to them but is able to do the job outstandingly.
-Find a nice and serene place which is near your locality.
This will save time and expenses on traveling.
Many public hotels, building, and parks can be used for free and are great for engagement pictures.
By following these tips, it will only cost the couple $300 or less including the printing of the engagement pictures.
Whether a couple uses a high or low cost engagement picture services, it is still the quality of the pictures that matters because it captures the moment when love united them.
And with this, couples should remember that engagement is just the first chapter of their relationship before entering the world of marriage.

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