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Paris Hilton Movie Appearances - Part 2

         Raising Helen.
Although not really, she played a role of a very innocent girl named Amber in this flick.
She acted a supporting a role for Kate Hudson in this movie.
This had somehow made the audience treat her seriously in terms of her acting.
It has helped her make her name in the Hollywood screen.
         Bottoms Up.
She did not find any difficulty in playing her role in this flick because she has been doing it in real life.
She acted as Lisa Mancini, a party goer in Hollywood.
A lot of people liked her performance in this flick and because of that, she also received great reviews.
         The Hottie and the Nottie.
 This is a typical chick flick in which she plays the role of a bombshell and a heartthrob.
A lot of guys have always been drawn to him.
One of these guys has a strong desire for her.
In order for him to have her heart, he must first befriend the hottie's best friend which is her exact opposite.
  The last flick is definitely a Paris Hilton movie since she played the lead role in here.
This is her most recent movie so far.
Given the utmost training, she can still be a better actress.
She is not quite new in the business seeing how she has already modeled for some advertisements of some famous establishments; one of these is her car wash stunt for McDonalds.
When that happens, we can hope that she will receive her first Oscar award.

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