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When a limousine drives by, images of fame, riches, or at least formality come to mind. Who's riding inside, and where are they going? What is the occasion for such style? Worldwide limousine transportation is considered a status symbol- whether a one-time event for the festive, regular airport limousine transportation for the frequent flier, or Nashville ground transportation for the city's celebrities. How did such a distinctive vehicle gain a reputation for high profile clientele, though? History tells an interesting tale of the evolution of worldwide limousine transportation that sheds some light on the way we see Nashville ground transportation and airport limousine transportation being used today.

The name of the car derived from the French adjective limousine that referred to residents of the Limousine region, who wore distinctive cloaks that revealed the face and covered the body. This paralleled the cars original shape that covered the cab and left exposed the front driver's seat. Their distinctive shape is what makes them such a conspicuous sign of wealth, although context also determines how closely the car can be linked to the passenger's income level. For example, those who routinely patronize limousines, which are the most expensive form of Nashville ground transportation, are presumably quite well off. Those who opt occasionally for airport limousine transportation when the company is paying the bill are not necessarily in the same income bracket.

The first ever limousine was built in 1902, so worldwide limousine transportation has only been in existence for a little over a century. Before then, the most exciting form of Nashville ground transportation would have been a Chevrolet town car, or some other variation of chauffeured travel. The Lincoln Town Car is one of the best known classic versions still in use today, and famously carried President Calvin Coolidge around between appointments. Since his time, a number of major automobile manufacturers have jumped in the game and started making limousines. Toyota, Rolls Royce, Audi, Volkswagen, and Mercedes, to name a few, all offer their own unique brand of the extra long car.

Ford, Hummer, and Cadillac are the current biggest producers of the Super Stretch Limousine, which is a favorite option for celebrities seeking privacy in their Nashville ground transportation. Airport limousine transportation tends to offer more modest, inconspicuous models for the average traveler just seeking efficiency and comfort. Next time you ride in a limousine, try to remember the car's obscure French roots to impress your fellow passengers with fun trivia, and see if they have any idea where the famous name comes from!

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