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How to Draw a Crocosmia Flower

    • 1). Draw a long thin, vertical line moving up the page. This will be the base stem of the flowers, so stop when you feel it is appropriate, then turn the direction of the pencil around and come back down the other side. The base stem should be approximately 1/4 inch wide at its widest, narrowing slightly as it reaches the top.

    • 2). At even intervals up the left side of the stem, draw several stems slightly thinner than 1/4" inch, approximately 1/2" long. These minor stems will have buds of unopened Crocosmia flowers on them.

    • 3). At the ends of the stems you drew in step 2, draw an oval shape 1/2 an inch long and slightly thicker than the stems. These are the unopened buds. These buds should be slightly more pointed at the end pointing away from the stem.

    • 4). At the end of the base stem, draw a minor stem like you drew in step 2, pointing directly out the top. Draw an unopened bud at the end of it, like you drew in step 3.

    • 5). Draw several minor stems down the right side of the base stem, with unopened buds at each end. The minor stems on the right side of the base will fall in between the minor stems on the left side, so that they alternate as they crawl up the base stem.

    • 6). Draw a minor stem at the bottom of the left hand side of the base stem. This minor stem will have an opened flower at the end of it, which you will draw in the coming steps.

    • 7). Draw six oval-shaped petals, protruding from the minor stem you drew in step 6. The ends of the petals pointing away from the stem should be more pointed.

    • 8). Draw four lines protruding from the center of the flower. These lines are the stamen.

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