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Acne Care - What You Need to Know

Acne isn't just a skin condition that steals away your self-esteem and makes you feel ugly it is also an infection.
A pimple is an infection and inflammation of one of your pores.
When you have acne, it is an infection on your face.
When you have an infection you treat it with care and the same needs to hold true with acne.
Usually when a person has acne, they pick and poke at their skin.
They try to pop every pimple on their face because they think that is how they are going to see results.
But this isn't true.
When you poke and irritate your skin you are only prolonging the healing process.
This is how you get acne scars.
You don't need to cause anymore trauma to the skin.
All you need to do is treat your acne with care so it can heal.
When it comes to acne care, you need to be gentle.
Your skin is being damaged right now and it needs your help to repair and strengthen it.
Scrubbing and applying harsh chemicals to your face is only going to make matters worse.
Tea tree oil is a great product that heals acne and repairs your skin.
Washing your face with a hypoallergenic soap and applying tea tree oil is the best acne care you can do.
You can also apply ice to pimples that are painful.
This will help to reduce swelling and as well get rid of some redness on your face.

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